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Your personal printable and ecological mask



AiRFace App is a mobile application downloadable on IOS and Android devices, which allows you to create transparent masks adaptable to your characteristics and therefore customizable by scanning your face in 3D.

The scanning process is simple and fast: it takes place through the use of the camera of your mobile phone.
In addition, the material used in the production of the masks allows their repeated use, being able to sterilize them through
washing at high temperatures.

You will'have your custom AiRFace, the app like a tailor will take the measurements of your face to best fit the mask

For us you privacy is very important so we'll not send your information as biometric face to noone, all your data are only on your device 

Every day millions of masks are used and thrown away, this is a great environmental damage as well as being a danger of contamination,

Please respect the nature!




 Scan your face with the app

Use your device to automatically fit the mask to your face


Edit view

Use the edit view bar to choose the best size for your mask



Use your 3D printer with the .stl exported model 



We have done a lot of testing on the materials and  we recommend 

BIOFLEX Antibacterial by FILOALFA® is a flexible filament with excellent mechanical characteristics.Thanks to its ease of printing and pleasant surface effect, it will be the perfect material for various applications.
It will amaze you thanks to an incredible elastic memory and durability over time.
BIOFLEX Antibacterial is resistant to bacterial growth for both Gram + and Gram-, and tested in accordance with ISO 846 and can come into contact with food according to EN10 / 2011 Standard. It does not contain metal ions nor does it release any element in nano or micro form into water.
The bacterial reduction result is greater than 80% for both Gram + and Gram-

Plantura® is a Bacteriostatic compound aimed to prevent bacteria growth on polymeric surfaces. COPOLYMER based, fully food approved Eu 10/2011.
NO Biocide. NO cytitoxic.

Suitable for medical certification and ANTIBACTERIA

BioFlex is the FILOALFA® patented filament, which is characterized by excellent flexibility.

Produce by pellet endowed with USP XXXII type medical certification: 2009 Class VI and ISO 10993-4 / 5/10.

FILOALFA® BioFlex is a very durable filament with an excellent degree of elasticity that makes it even pleasing to the touch.


Data sheet

We are testing the best filters for your mask so we can only recommend those that are certified and safe for you and for nature.

The mask made with the 3D printer is not a medical product but only a device for individual protection , we are not responsible in any case for misuse 


• What information is your app collecting using the TrueDepth API?

We use TrueDepth Api to generate the face mesh to be used for the autofit of the mask. The face mesh will not be exported for any reason only the generated mesh of the mask is exported 

• For what purposes are you collecting this information?

We want to help as many people as possible protect themselves from this invisible enemy with a mask that adapts to the face and can be printed immediately following our guidelines on the materials used to be safe and biodegradable

• Will the data be shared with any third parties? Where will this information be stored?

The user's privacy is important for us and no sensitive data will be shared and no information will be stored, all will remain in the your device only the mask mesh will be generated in .stl format ready to be printed with a 3D printer.

All biometric data will remain only within the device. complies with all gdpr ( regulations and will not be transmitted personal data.





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